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Monday, June 30, 2003
HhhIiIIi pPl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

havent been blogging for some time liao... first day of skool was just ok. so sian so went home directly after that. elina gave me a postcard on DUREX condoms and i had a hard time trying to hide it as she gave it to me during assembly time in the morning. hope no one saw it dring flag raising. hate my bloody chinese teacher. that narrow minded china bitch. alwaes giving ppl her sickening stares. changed seating positions in class.... GOT THE FRONT ROW!!!!!!!!!!! sian lor, now cannot use hp. only when teachers turn around.. anyway. then before that elina gave me this leather frog with little pearl coloured sea-shells. she said that the frog was once alive. well, just hope it doenst come alive the 2nd time. lol. LAME. =\ then xx gave me a pack of chewing gum. so bad one. give charlene bubble gum only give me chewing gum. *hmph*. kidding la xx. thought that counts mah hor?... anyway traded with charlene for a bubble with my chewing.

HiyazXxX.. currently going thru alot of probs. holidae homework havent complete. so much pressure on doing well this term. well i want to. but in the end, hiyazz.. really scared that dun get into the pure lit class. ah well, dun think of it liao la. just get it done =) eating strawberries now. havent been blogging for the past few daes cuz really busy. have been going out. so boring now. good thing do literature homework liao. cant wait for tomorrow's episode of holland V... yay! todae have smallville. *nice nice* mom screaming at me liao. anyway. really gotta go. will blog tomorrow. CiaoU..~
Wednesday, June 25, 2003

SO TIRED. just came back from Tiong Bahru plaza KFC. went to eat with Jumana. regretted not taking the Bandito snack combo. took the whip potato instead. in less than 3 mouths finish liao. *pig*. hehe. had a heart laugh on the mrt. just now went to the Jurong ice-skating rink. WAS SO FUN. and jumana said "I AM FREEZZZING!!!" for about 70 times. she left her sweater in her fren's locker(her fren went as well) then saw her boyfren. jumana went GAGA over him. after that Ben came along(Jumana's friend, AGAIN). had a hell of a great time. was so funny. did not pull Xiaoxuan down this time. see her so pathetic. haha, xiaoxuan i so hope that u are reading this. LOL. then Ben had this infatuation with this girl(who he says is pretty who is SO NOT pretty=]) hehe. watching holland V now. That Pierre Png so damn dumb. just now was SOOOOOOOOOO fun. managed to skate fast liao. and kept holding jumana's hand. squeezing her tiny little fingers. haha. poor thing. those dumb young kiddos. so damn irritating lor.eep getting into ppl's way using that metal bar as they cant skate yet. too young. and its like they will suddenly appear out of nowhere. and u dun wanna bang into them and as a result, u fall down. AaAaarRrrGgGGgHHhH. next time i dun care liao. heck la, they fall they fall la. *mean mode* kekeke. after that went to eat those roadside ice cream vendors. but this time is trafficlight-side stall. that stupid old man. jumana just asked him if mix the flavours can mix raspberry chocolate and chocolate chip or not. and he just freaking mumbled to himself and just scooped the mox flavours one for her. and she ended up with a whole scoop of durian. ahhaahhahaahhaa. she let me have the scoop of durian. i only like durian-made products and not the actual fruit. i dun find it stinky but i kinda hate the taste. EW. *stick out tongue* oh yah! elina started dancing somewhere at the lockers when the ppl were smoothening the ice on the ice skating rink. ahahha. ppl were like staring. but her dancing was quite good though. did those mtv moves when there were songs being played loudly. aiyah, very hard to sae. holland v end liao. now is that stupid Russian Roulette show. SO LAME. hate the bloody host. so extra. had a little patch of worn out skin at my heel. around 1cm in diameter. so painful! so boring now. dunno wad to do.. ah well. blog later. byebye!
Monday, June 23, 2003
YoO yO yOoo PpL.

didnt exactly had a good day just now... went to skool to do IDP at the library. no one was exactly in the mood to do, then Sean and Jackson went home after 1 hour. then left me dennis and my my pig-like leader cheng ying. that idiot. didnt really get things going. its like the subject combo suck lor. English Science and D&T. HOW TO COMBINE? goodness. 2G got such a good combo lor. english literature and english!!!!!!! EVERYTHING LINKS. so damn easy. my sucky group. hate it as well la. f.cking ranil didnt turn up for some reason. aiyah. whether he turn up or not, makes no diff la. he come also play and fool around only. not say i contributed alot la. but at least i dun act like some freaking childish idiot who hasnt played before in the entire life. my f.cking father was so f.cking irritating. i had a nap at 3.20 and he started talking to me abt some stuff which i didnt really catch. he was in the hall i was in my room. he started blabbering and saying some things to me and i didnt really catch what he said. then he stopped for a while. after 10 mins, he started to talk and talk and talk again! I WAS SO DAMN IRRITATED. just wanted to ask him to shut up and get lost lor. its something like when u are sleeping halfway and someone starts calling u and speaking to u. and its like the person starts asking if u are listening to him/her. was so irritated lor. now feel better la. dun feel so f.cked up alrdy.

AaAaaArRrrggGgGgHHhHhh. he keeps walking past me to see what i am typing. IRRITATING RIGHT? thank heavens that he is going out in 5 mins liao. that fucking idiot. i SERIOUSLY HATE HIM. yay! just download messenger 6. its so damn nice. i still dunno what are the pictures for lor. anyway. going to watch holland v liao. BYE!
Sunday, June 22, 2003
WaAaAHhhHH!!! my previous entry wasnt published and i exited the whole DARN site!! fuck fuck fuck.
Saturday, June 21, 2003
oops, forgot to say something

Thought of the day: some ppl just NEVER learn. GET A LIFE LOSER.
heLlLLlLooOOzzZZz. kinda tiny bit angry right now. dunno why some ppl just like to seek so much attention. can they just get lost and go to one corner and SHUT UP. anyway, dun give a damn liao lah. its now 10.53. just came back from grandma's house. saw Boo Boo but didn't see Shadow. tried to call for her but did not reply. a cat went to snatch food from Boo Boo. went to chase that fat cat away. so how Elina? How is ur meow meow cow cat? still on pounce mode i presume. keke. anyway, dinner wasnt exactly great just now. the pork ribs werent very nice. played chess with my auntie. checkmated in less than 5 mins. what to do? im just a natural pro. nah lah kidding. have chess class tomorrow. have to wake up at 6 and go to botanic gardens. SIAN. lame one la, so stupid there. dun exactly favour that place.. =\ going to change my hp soon. but not to a colour one la. i just suddenly felt that this particular hp was rather classy looking. and the keypad is really easy to use. and nowadaes u can hardly see it. wanted to get 6610 or 7210. but deicided to save the $$ lah. so common nowadaes. must be a cut above the rest mah... hehe ^_^ so sian now. mom wants to use the com. so have to go soon.

Too Elina: nevermind lah. we dun blame u a single bit. its just that ppl DO get carried away. everyone does. it's ok. anyway, we dun have the right to actually comment and control u... so dun be sad ok? thanks for helping me once again at xx's tagboard. sorry xx that i have to contaminate ur tagboard with all those stuff. anyway elina, cheer up ok? pls dun be the next xiaoxuan. no more self-pity memograms k? LOL. as how that guard b.tch zhiyang said. okok! kidding only lah. elina, u are ALWAYS our fren. from now, forever. so dun be so down k? thanks =)
looking forward to the ice skating meet on wednesdae. and xiaoxuan u HAD BETTER go. gtg liao. mum chasing me out of the seat. cIaoU!~
ah well, its 9.20 in the morning. just went to botanic gardens for a walk with my dad. to charlene: he's not THAT BAD now lah. went to macdonalds to have breakfast. sigh... wasted yesterdae cannot go to the esplanade with Xx and Elina. and thanks elina for helping me at Xx's tagboard. that spoilt childish babaric loser is just too COWARD to put his name down at first. to sean: you say it in my face, not behind my back. some ppl just never learn. all in all, he just does all this for what? just to gain attention. why must so action? some ppl just had never been in the outside world. elina, update ur blog leh. how come only one pathetic entry? hehe -___-! later going to my mom's club. *ChEErS* swimming and playing arcade there. just luv that Bishi Bashi game. alwaes have a hell of a time there. going bowling too. yesterdae i read 3 Roald Dahl books that were kept in the cupboard for years. the pages all turned yellow and the edge of the pages were bitten off by some silverfish. kidding ah. ancient book of shadows. ekkeke. me and my lame jokes. having IDP meeting on mondae. yay!~ can go ice skating on wednesdae. FINALLY. could go one more time. :D that stupid DNA project. stupid teachers didnt even specify what to do. hiyazz. anyhow lah. gotta go liao. have to go bathe den leave house. oh yah, yesterdae amazing race was SO NICE. phew reichen and chip didnt get last. Now i support Reichen and Chip and Tian and Jeree. bye ppl!
Friday, June 20, 2003
feel so bored right now(nothing new lah). xx, u are describing urself as if u are the worst person in the universe(and ur not =]) yup, and one good point abt u is that u are one true fren and u are really nice and cheerful lor. and i also noticed everyone in 2I are really perservering. expecially u, wai zaw, and keerthani(that geek =D). yah, i know how u feel la. at some point of this age u confirm will feel like that one lah. it happens to everyone. my period was when i was shuuned away from audrey that group? so i thought to myself, maybe i shud stop being such a parasite and take things for granted and it was like as if the whole world is against u. and everytime u look at someone, u just think that how that person must be criticizing u in their heart, and ur all alone. dun worry lah, elina came back liao. and that u can talk to her. hope the whole group of us can go ice skating again next week. preferably next wednesdae. but if cannot, we can also go on other daes. confirm can get some discount lah. the main thing is to go as a group mah.. last outing for the holz. sian la, skool reopening soon. had hardly any fun in the hols... at least i caught up on some skool work *beams proudly* haha, i know, little bit of thing like that also need make as if its some big achievement. well, thats lame old me! ^_^ zhiyang, i wonder waht u gonna do to you know who for what she did to ur blog. ah well, nowadaes no nice programmes on TV one, NO CHARMED NO LIFE. forgot to tape Buffy alot of times as well. everydae have to wake up at 6 like skool days. u shud know who set that rule(who else but my f.cking father?). not even once allowed to sleep a little later. while all my frenz wake up as late as 1pm in the afternoon! i just request for a 10pm lah. is that too much that im asking for? i dun think so =\ so excited abt the Drama Festival. will be selling popcorns and stuff. jeremiah also said that we have to go sell tickets for drama fest for ppl to come. izzah sugeested to go to Orchard. can shop as well. everytime i am approached by some sales person or some person which likes to sell tix, i just feel like placing my palm in front of them and walk off just like that. cant believe i am going to be one of those irritating idiots. *bruhes that thought aside* no lah, me such a nice person, how can like that? keke... really hope that at least get 1 cca point for drama fest lor. the person in charge of giving cca points HAD better. or else the whole drama fest group's effort will all go down the drain. not say all la. all of us luv to perform. but the point is hope we at least get cca points lor. musical only 1, rather pathetic lor. anyway, hope the drama fest is gonna be a success. going to be tons of jovial memories as well. *sob sob, blows nose into tissue* LOL. ok, that was so not funny. finally elina came back to SGP liao, i really hope she would nt be as booked as last time by SOMEONE. had better spend some ~QuAlItY~ time with her close frenz. one thorough ice skating meeting wil do the job 8D <-- its a face.
brb people, go check the stove(cooking instant noodles)...
back! also heating up the curry chicken for last night's dinner. i alwaes luv roasted duck and curry chicken when i eat it after it's kept overnight. the gravy will seep in overnight. much jucier. *smack lips*.
oh yah xx, glad that u called yesterdae to clear matters up, it was a great time talking to u. usually tok to u only less than 5 mins. usually called to just ask some stuff and then hang up liao. but yesterdae was funny. hehe @_@
later going to bring a few pieces of the chicken for Boo Boo and Shadow. just now when went down in the morning, didnt see Boo Boo nor Shadow beside the rickety old bicycle. so decided to go up. when at the lift, suddenly something that had a nice texture rushed to my ankles. gave me a hell of a scare. jumped up and saw Shadow. gave her a shock as well. gave her tickle on her head. (thanks xiaoxuan for tleling me how to pat a cat APPROPRIATELY. LOL!) poor thing must be hungry. followed me into the lift, but had to carry it out. later must bring a little bit more chicken...
so farnie yesterdae night. went downstairs to pick my mom up at around 1am in the morning. before that was playing with Boo Boo and Shadow. and my mum saw me touching the cats. my mom wasnt angry at all. she doesnt exactly like dogs and cats. she thinks that they are dirty and that they drop hair everywhere and that they have tons of ticks and fleas(stereotypical thinking -.-). so she told me not to touch her. so i patted my mom on the back and she gave a little yelp: "ee!* ahaha. i only used my right hand to touch the cats and i used my left hand to pat her. ahhhaah. gave her a little shock. told her that and she gave me a glare. ahaha, not a angry one though. she now accepts the fact that i really like animals alot and that they are not as bad as they seems what... i told her that one day i shall set Pure and Quick(my 2 hamsters) on her when she is sleeping. but changed my mind cuz i wouldnt bear the sight if my mom turned over and squashed them flat. poor little things *cringes at the thought of that*. hehe. gotta go eat liao. tata!

Thought of the day: Sometimes, you just have to let go and lose it all.
Thursday, June 19, 2003
ArRrGGgHhH. My fucked up father kept say and saying not to a buse the privilege(having a handfone. big deal?) i have and cuz i exceed $162. so bloody fucked up lor. hate that fucking asshole. hate him for life. i never once liked that irresponsible failure. fuck him. damn that bloody narrow-minded fucking idiot. thinks he is so great. those are the WORST OF THE WORST people i ever knew. i dun even wanna fucking call him daddy. freaking sucker. ok, enuff of the cursing and swearing. my day was ok. went to mac with Izzah and Humairah and Jumana. they all ate hotcakes except me(ate saussage mac muffin). after that went to skool to see the other groups rehearse. after that went to tiong bahru food court to eat with Humairah, Wai Zaw, Jumana, Samantha, Izzah and myself. had a great time. we all were so hungry. and mairah bought a plate of nasi lemak and all of us gobbled it all up in less than 5 mins *yum!*. hehe. greedy pigs =] after that went directly home. when Boo Boo saw me, he followed me right until the lift. didnt have any food with me that he will like. only had this morning's bread.
Go heat up the soup....
Ok! back. heating the chicken stock. Earting Japanese 'Udon'. yummmmmmmy! if Elina was reading this, she would definitely want a share. hehe. planning to read some books later. So boring. forgot to bring my library books to library today. couldnt borrow any. there wasnt any worth borrowing anyway. -__-!
ok, dun tok liao. nth to say. the soup is boiling. bye! blog again tonite... *_*
Wednesday, June 18, 2003
oi xiaoxuan, dun be unresonable lor. just now i toking to u normally and u say if i tok somemore u will block me. and YOU said that blocking ppl was a sign of being a coward. how do u explain for what u said abt blocking me? i had enuff of u lor. doesnt mean u have PMS or something u can throw ur tantrums around. if everyone was like u, who needs enemies? so what if that fucking lup seng block me? is that a big deal? at least i dun have alot of ppl blocking me lor. and no need to suck up to feric lor. everyone is already starting to dislike u, why do u want to make urself become more hated? why not try to salvage the few frenz u have? im trying to lecture u or anything, but i had patience with u lor. and u just kept complaining and complaining. i had enuff of u. u think la, if ppl throw tantrums at u just cuz the person has 'PMS' or when she is sad, u like it or not? from ur character i know u confirm will complain alot one lor. and the least i could do was to tolerate u. u had better change. wait till u have 0 frenz left. i see how u survive lor. u better stop ur spoilt brat attitude. u just might not know that some of ur good frenz or ur best frenz are talking behind ur back. let me give u a clue. i can tell u that Elina finds u hateful sometimes. and when u are hateful, YOU SERIOUSLY ARE. and u are not even willing to change. ppl are pissed with u and they just dun wanna display it lor. u have to be more observant lah xx... enuff said. whether u want to heed my advice or not is up to u. whether u want to make urself more likable or not, is up to u. its YOU who is suffering next time. not me, not others. THINK ABOUT IT.
hHhHIiIIiIiIIi pEoplE!!
so much to say now. First, Nuraini from eldds, who is the in the play 'The Girl Who Saved The Universe' was EXTREMELY HILARIOUS. seriously, saliva dripped out of my gap TWICE! *lick lick* its seriously funny, so guys, go catch it! i didnt know that Nuraini was such a talented person... she really acted as the fat and clumsy witch with extreme hilarity(got such a word meh?). its so bloody funny! ahahah... i think that is the NICEST play of all. confirm on 27 august alot of ppl want to go catch it one. its so DAMN FARNIE.

second, idiotic jumana said that after eldds we go eat together with Humairah and Wai Zaw but later on suddenly she say that she has to go home saying that her brother was SO STUPID that he tok both his set of keys along with hers and also her mom had to go to work at 5pm. and it was alrdy 4.45 at that time. so she has to rush back so that her mom can leave and tht jumana doesnt have to wait outisde until one of her family members come home. i'm sorry jumana to say this but jumana U PROMISED and i felt so fucked up at that time and i just did not want to throw a tantrum and make a big fuss out of it. FUCK. dun say liao. really angry.

3rd, today's eldds rehearsal was real fun. got to know more about my group members and we talked to each other. there is this part where angela yeo is the mother and she keeps smiling whenever she is suppose to talk fiercely or shout at someone. wierd right? and angela poh just got the nickname Polar bear cuz her surname is Poh. ok i know its so bloody lame but it seriously was funny. OKAY, i admit im childish. and also that angela poh was from the singapore petting zoo. kept teasing her. stopped after a while... knew our limits. not like someone *points finger to the person i mentioned in the 2nd paragraph* aiyah dun say abt her liao la.. so what have u been doing? boring right? =
fourth, went for my dental appointment and had to wait for 2 freaking hours. always make ppl wait. cant they just arrange an appropriate time? well good thing i wasnt late for eldds. reached at 12.59. *phew!* say zhiyang and yong liang there only. zhiyang said that he had to be a guard b.tch for 1 hour to replace miss teo awhile. (kidding lah Zhi) keke. guard b.tch. how nice of me~ -_-! ahah.. the nurse and the dentist were very nice. said that i had a good set of teeth and i only needed polishing *flashes a toothpaste ad smile* LOL. me and my thick skin i know... hehe. the male dentist was so polite. asked me to open my mouth and said THANK YOU. i mean its obvious and understood i have to open my trap but polite until like that... but it's a good gesture lah =) he also asked about how was vball and got any competitions coming up to 2 upper sec girls who were waiting for their turn. cheng ying, my nerdy pig-like fren was so scared that he asked if DRILLING going to be done. hahhahaa. scared him big time by saying that most slightly need to use a pair of pliers to pluck out minimum 2 teeth. he was gong enuff to believe. he too innocent liao lah. lol... fren's handfone also ringed loudly in the van. everyone immediately fixed their eyes on him. so mah lu. i some more purposely say that handfones weren't allowed although no one is this skool gives a sh!t. went out of the van immediately. the van, a.k.a THE 'box' was quite ok, quite cosy and fun. hehe really! besides the odour lah. *pinches nose*

had fishball noodles for dinner and reading 8 days now. article on Jamie Yeo!!!!!!!(my fav. DJ) i know lah zhiyang u prefer Carrie Chong. she so... ok, shan't say =]. hand growing tired liao.. l8er going down to play with Boo Boo and Shadow. didnt see Boo Boo just now. yes yes xx, i like cats. i just like animals lah.. i just dun like the way how ppl think that cats or dogs are so dirty and the hair will drop around and sh!t around if one is in the house. the point is, ppl have forgotten that when they were babies, they also pooed and peed everywhere. and instead of wrecking the furniture, ppl cry and cry and wail and destroy stuff as well. when the baby gradually gets older and gets more mature, thats the stage where we train the pet, just like how parents train their kid. hiyazz... just dunno why ppl have to look at pets the freaking stereotypical way =(. they just have to have patience wad... ppl just simply forget that we are animals as well.

ah well, will try and blog later. type alot liao. hand tired.
And again, i have to wake up SO early... so tir...*yawn*...ed. skiuz me -_-! sian lah, later still have to go for dental check-up. so lame. heard from LingYin(Charlene) that the nurses are very str8forward and fierce. =\ must brush my teeth 10 times so that they will be extremely clean. *sparkle* HAHAHAHA... my father rushed to the toilet to CLEAR HIS RECTUM after controlling for a long time. ahahahah.. later still have eldds rehearsals from 1 - 3. have to do the same mundane thing over and over again. good thing our play is the longest and the most interesting one. the other plays are like PURE CRAP. only have 4 scenes, not like mine, 13 scences worxx...*takes a bow* LOL. thick skin. 8 ] <--this is a face. so boring... oh goodness. now its my turn to rush to the toilet. BRB!!!!

*aaaAaaAhHH..* hey.. what is this brown smear on my finger... *inspects closely and sniffs* HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA. ok, not funny. -.- i just luv laughing at my own jokes. I know. keke. so sian. apparently i seriously have nothing to do. i had better go to the library today to return and borrow some more books. nowadaes very hard to find Charmed books liao. all taken. now i am seriously beginning to hate my class. other den a handful of really close and good frenz. hiyazz.. envy other classes which are so united. my class is becoming from bad to worse with that f.cking Lixin. just doensn't know his limits. childish loser. argh. so SsSSIiIIiIaaAaAAnnNn... ARRRR!! JUST DUN FEEL LIKE BLOGGING LIAO. fuck fuck fuck fuck.
Tuesday, June 17, 2003
Xiaoxuan! Cheer up la... it IS the end of the world.. kidding! =PpP went to feed Boo Boo and Shadow just now... As usual, Boo Boo gobbled up everything i fed him and Shadow just didn't even bother to sniff her food although she took a glance at it... =( carried Shadow a little while when she crawled out to play with Boo Boo.
Xiaoxuan, i know how u feel right now.. u need ur best fren the most and she's not even in the country! ah well.. sh!t happens~ and even if she's in sgp, she will be BOOKED 24/7 by SOMEONE. hiazzz... when i first got to know about her and 'you know who', i alrdy thought of this happening, but i dismissed that thought and at that point of time i 'knew' that this is not possible cuz clearly i dun think she is this kinda person, but...(nothing to say liao..) nvm lah, we all hope that she will be back to her normal self la.. wad time u gonna go to skool? i have to reach by 11... so sian, have to go to the 'BOX'. hehehe -_-" den after that got eldds from 1-3.. beginning to enjoy rehearsals now. it would be better if charmaine liew wasnt around. that POSER.

OoOoOOps, gtg liao. mom shouting. CiaOu~
GoO NigHtZzz..

tO yOu oUt tHeRe, *lUrV yA*
I'm AlwAeS WaItINg..


It's 7.11 in the morning and I woke up SO early just to do my History scrapbook. SIAN. Raining heavily at my side, what a nice weather to sleep. *DreaMs oF niCe boUncY bEd* Today got eldds! *ChEeRs* So boring. have to do that stupid history scrapbook. lame profiles of Lee Kwan Yew, David Marshall and Lim Yew Hock. that miss lau. FOREVER never state her requirements clearly one. NEVER LEARN. keke. listening to Are You Happy Now by Michelle Branch. Very nice tune. =) So hungry... Ransacking my own house to see if there is SOMETHING to eat. *looks around* nothing leh.. mom fussed around and said that my posture for sitting at the computer wasn't right.. hiyaz. 7.36 liao[i didn't take this long to actually write this small chunk of words] ppl, any reccomendations on how to spend the holidae time? aAAaaHhHHhhH *phew* almost thought that if u closed KaZzA, the stuff that u are downloading will be erased. this is the 5th hour liao. downloading the Lizzie Mcguire Movie *grins* hope my nerdy group leader calls me soon for IDP. dun even know his freaking number. that eccentric pig. LOL. he's seriously eccentric and he's a PIG.. well, not a pig but his face kinda resembles the one in the Airpork advertisement. Mean old ((me)) Changed song. Busted - You Said No was horrible. Just a boyband with noisy guitars - what i describe Busted as. Smallville yesterdae was SO... SO... mysterious. You expected to me to say SO... nice right? Ah well, next weeks's will be nicer. If only there is Charmed now. Miss Charmed... =( apparently, i am just waiting for time to pass, so i can go to skool.. wierd right? Who would want to go to skool? Can't really go out often mah.. so nice of my mom to bring me some pieces of cheese bread. keke. *munch munch* Went to feed Boo-Boo and Shadow yesterday[these 2 particular cats at my void deck] so adorable!~~ i wouldnt say its cute, cuz its WAY BEYOND cute. Went to feed it roast duck i had for dinner yesterdae. they helped themselves and gobbled it all up. Gave it a few pats and went up liao. so adorable. If only i could keep them. My mom said no huge pets allowed. unless i keep it outside my house, which is ridiculous lah. my lift on my floor currently upgrading, so got alot of construction workers. so confirm something will happen to it one lor =) anyway every night BB and Shadow will wait for me beside the rickety bicycle. By the way, i think they are related. Their coat seems to have exactly the same pattern... they seem to hang out with each other alot as well. ah well, enuff about my catty grandmother tales. ahhaha.... gtg ppl, going to bathe liao. TaTazz.

Monday, June 16, 2003
Erm hello XIAOXUAN? For the last time stop being such a b.tch! I was just calling to learn how to make this blog thing. Haha. Kidding, no offence. Just now watched Holland V. Ok lah.. Not much climax. Waiting for SMALLVILLE!!! Sian lah.. wednesday no ice-skating. Postponed to next wednesday. Simply cannot wait to pull Xiaoxuan down on the ice. Kekeke... I'm so glad I finished my Chess course liao. Now can go to Intermediate! So fun english chess. Damn sian everyday. These days really VERY VERY VERY boring!! NOTHING TO DO AT ALL. Other then some homework I have not complete... I just suddenly LuRv~ the song Standing Still by Jewel. so nice. yay. tomorrow got eldds. so fun! at least its better than staying at home. sick and tired of it. well at the very least I have cable now. last time when it was 56k, it was SO LOUSY that the fone line kept breaking cuz some idiot is calling. You know how sometimes u just wanna shout back at your parents and ask them to SHUT UP but you can't? Cuz you know that they will just rant and rave at you for the next 1 hour or so. They simply just do not practice what they preach. I wanna go ice-skating!! I think next wednesdae would be possible lah. Still got another 20 mins before SMALLVILLE starts...

To you out there, I mIzZ yOu...
GlaD thAt i gEt tO seE yOu tOmorrOw..*huGz*

CiaOu PpL.. Take Care.
Hi people. ignore the first post. i was testing it out. How to change the time ah? My timing wrong one leh. sian. today in the morning, melissa called my home at 8.58a.m. to say that there is eldds at 9. very early of her =|. and jumana claimed that she had told me the change of the timing but i forgot. sian. good thing miss teo was in a meeting when i arrived at skool. that CAHRMAINE LIEW. can't stand her act-cool attitude. alwaes try and act like a caucassian. sicknening b.tch. Devina was smirking at her when she slanged. Kept commnading her group to sound more expressive. ARGH. can't stand her. Today's eldds was fun. Had 1 full hour without a teacher in the AVA room. *ChEeRs* And the group that i am in for this particular play was so lucky that we got the AVA room to perform in. Others had like basketball court *wipes brow* and other hot places. I will melt! LOL. Yes i know, u are like thinking 'Oh Puh-leeze'. Haha.. Oh yah! The GESS drama festival is called Gestation and will be held on 27 August this year. Just can't wait.. My poor handfone, got confiscated by my mom for almost 1 month liao. Exceeded to around $162... Yes I know, so [little]. Hope Elina and Xiaoxuan will have time on next wednesdae to go one last time ice skating. Just got the hang of it. So fun. Can't wait to pull Xiaoxuan down and see her fall flat on her flace. *SPLAT* *Snickers* boring. kinda bored everyday. Nothing to do. Haven't even meet once for IDP. Hope next year the Pure Literature class will open. Going to bathe liao. Later watch Holland V. SO NICE! I'm glad its a whole 115 episodes! *WooHoo!* For Charmed fans out there, Charmed is returning in September!! =) Support Reichen and Chip from The Amazing Race! Bye folks.

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