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Tuesday, July 29, 2003
My day was fine thank yEw! hehe. eating Bee Hoon now. quite salty. just read a couple of ppl's blog. bullied yasmin quite a bit today haha. it was fun. just the usual stuff, pulling out her hair scrunchy and taking off her spectacles and stuff. poor old no-min! then took her volleyball as well. then f.cking charmaine liew just had to come along and be so extra. seriously lor, me and keerthani just playing with yasmin and that stupid charmaine alwaes have to interfere. the more i hear her speak the more i just feel like ripping out her voice box from inside. *rrrriiiiiiipppp* enufffffff. then she wanted to get the hair scrunchy from me and give it back to no-min so i ran off. then she chase me halfway she cannot keep up then she stop. after that when i went back to the benches where she was she was like giving all the excuses like "My seniors are just there!" in that darn slang. Always trying to act cool. People just never learn do they? Old habits just die HARD. then along came ALEX(aka YongLiang). haha. didnt know abt his christian name. last time also didnt know that zhiyang's christian name was Isaaaaaaaaaaac. (No offence Zhi=-) yup. Didnt see Silver today. oh ya, poor old keeeeeeeerthani fell today somewhere at the basketball court. got a deep cut on each of her knee cap. went to the sick bay after that to get some treatment. and xx SEEMED like she anyhow just use the tape and paste the wire gauze or whatever that was onto keerthani's cut. kidding xx. good effort... but LOUSY JOB. lol. =) tomorrow got 2.4 this time i will really try my best la. but i still think i will fail. anyway gtg liao. G@@d night!
Monday, July 28, 2003
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took a couple of quizzes. so boring. practically nothing to do. listening to Gling Under by Evanescence. starting to like the song. the tune very nice. wanted to go watch speech dae but decided not to. sian tomorroe got tuition. planning to go to Pet Safari with Elina. planning to ask Joel Xx and jumana as well. my fellow bitches. lol kidding la. my b'dae also coming liao. asked my parents and relatives to give me $$ instead a gift or something. so can buy a better handfone. wun spend all though, will keep at least 50% anyway, decided to buy 7210 la. cant really stand those fones with tiny little screens. so decided to get a functional colour fone. sick of non-colour fones. but now also dunno whether to buy 6100 or 7210. if buy 6100 i will be kinda broke lor. but that fone is so damn light! and smaller. ah well. *undecided* was looking for Tigger todae but cannot find him. saw Silver. snoring under a tree. kekeke.. woke it up accidentally. damn boring now(nothing unusual =\) cross country was horrible. everything was in a hell of a mess and i almost couldnt find my damn fucking bag. lol. and my glasses were all wet and blur and stuff. just so damn f.cked up. but it was fun in the rain. ran the last 300m with Xue Er and Nadiah. shoes stank like hell when reached home *pee-ew* haha. xiaoxuan finally got her blog up(not that my blog was regularly updated ahem. hehe -_____-") yup, todae school sucked as usual. accidentally tored my lit worksheet last night and Wilfred was looking at me with the and-what-the-hell-happened-to-your-worksheet look. acted blur. hahahaha... and the stupid chinese teacher was fiving the damn chinese spelling. fail la. currently wondering what is the diff between 7250 and 7250i. really bored now. and nothing else to say. argh.
Sunday, July 27, 2003

here i am again typing my blog. trying to prove zhiyang wrong that i have no time and such. cant really say much....

well first of all, after my chess class at Goldhill Plaza, i passed by United Square and I saw this pretty looking cat that looks a little like Sniff(okay, i know, i have been rambling on alot abt cats. Last time ok? =]) ya as i was saying i saw that cat. it was so cute. and i think its an escapee as its ear is not exactly cut or something. usually stray cats have either their left or right ear cut. i bought some cat biscuits for Pure Sniff Shades and Tigger but had some to spare so fed a little to that cat. So poor thing. All alone out there in the wild. everydae at least 10 people scaring it. it was rather afraid of me at first. but managed to stroke it la. so damn keeee-yoooooooooou-tt. hehe -_-* rather boring now. Listening to What Dreams Are Made Of(Paolo and Isabella version) from the Lizzie McGuire soundtrack. currently debating whether to buy 8310 or 6510. wanted to buy 7210 at first but will be like so damn broke after that. 7210 can wait. hehe. need some comments from Zhiyang how is 6510. i dun exactly fancy the blue light. quite blur. 8310's white light nicer. but 6510 keypad easier to type sms. ARGH. scratch that. gotta go now. will update much more tomorrow.

F.cking off...
Saturday, July 26, 2003
Right, Zhiyang was once again, trying to hint to me to update this damn blog. guess i have been too lazy huh. well, a no. of things happened, but first of all... AYF GOT GOLD! yessss!!! brought glory to the school, and nevertheless, to ELDDS. and it's their FIRST performance people~ we can all larf at all the choir bitches and band ppl. well to hell with him. a friend of mine said that he would chop off his dick if eldds got gold. ah well, reminded him about that he as expected, he acted blur. that f.cking idiot. the guy's one big time bitch anyway. can't deny that. =) got a new history teacher. Gary Lum. He's ok only la. and Yuet Ni is still nicer. why must my class ALWAES get the not-so-good(short of me saying horrible) teachers? first we got Mrs Tay instead of Miss Hee and now we got Mr Lam cuz Miss Lau is gonna retire... i kinda realized something and thats that we all like to take things for granted... hiya... there were 3 new cats in the block. well 2 of them not exactly new. the new one was actually a SEAL POINT SIAMESE!! can u believe that? it costs at least about 300 to 400 lor. and it didnt have a collar leh. anyway, the other 2 are Tigger and Shaded(as how i named them) ok, i admit, the names ARE lame. but i like them =) Shades has a beautiful silverish grey coat with a black dorsal stripe - which is absolutely COOL and pretty. Shades is kinda tame for a male and it kept getting chased away by Sniff. Gave Sniff a stern scolding. Well as for Tigger, he is rather large lah, with tabby markings and tiger stripes, so i named him after the Winne The Pooh gang that friendly tiger. Tigger kepy rubbing against my legs and ankles. rather affectionate. ah well. oh ya, i think it has cataracts. saw a spot on its left eye. poor thing. such a frenly and nice cat. havent been feeding the cats lately. no time to go buy food. oh ya, todae went to school with mairah to watch the speech dae drama. was so nice. but can hardly hear what they are saying lor. the movements and positioning were cool. then after that went to Long John's Silver with mairah and wai zaw. had the fish and chips. not really filling. mairah and wai zaw had the grilled fish one. the fish looked so fishy and the skin looked so raw. ew. and the FISH JUICE was oozing out. lol. serious. ahahahaah. anyway. gotta go now. dun miss me. lol. thick skin. tata.

P.S i WILL continue to update my blog! -_-"
Thursday, July 17, 2003
ok here i am, updating my blog after Zhiyang asked me to. I seriously forgot all about it. It beomces kind of a hassle sometimes[ok, i know, me and my personal excuses. -_-"] anyway, juz came back from downstairs. went to play with Pure and Sniff. changed their names. i will stick to this one. saw the 'cat-woman' downstairs. alwaes with a big bag of cat biscuits and with a big scoop. nothing unusual. decided not to feed the cats liao. heard thats illegal to feed them. anyway, dunnohow come the skool's cat so shy. still nice though. poor thing it has a disease. it's going to die in a couple of months. well thats what i heard from xiaoxuan. so poor thing. hope anohter cat wanders into the skool soon. hehe. luv cats ^_^ todae maths test was a KILLER. i didnt even know how to do a bloody question lor. everytime that *beeping* mrs tay like to set the test until very hard and alwaes like to say that its not hard. i mean its like pls lor. i dun see the purpose. and its not only me who found it hard. History was ok. did some ' stuff ' but still ok la. her questions everytime damn specific. in history, u can be tested on about EVERYTHING. its like every sentence in the textbook is confirm some info one lor. F.CK. its so damn bloody boring now. had a water fight with yasmin and keerthani. unfortunately yasmin is the one being poured. LOL. she got all transparent and SEXY(ahem. then again) then she left a nice wet stain on bgus no 139. anyway. planing to have another water fight tomorrow(a fair one though). oh yah/ and poor clare hp got stolen. OK, now Ling Yin is also asking me to update my blog. so boring now. nothing much to type. oh todae me, keerthani, charlene, me and xiaoxuan threw stones over the parapet at the alumni room. then this freaking cleaner came along to reprimand us and threatened us to tell Khong Guan biscuits. didnt give a damn. then bloody NO-min(yasmin) went to cook up some story and said that the cleaner really went to tell Giam. hiyaz. really busy now. havent feed my hamster yet. bye!
Tuesday, July 08, 2003
AaAARrRrGGgGGgHhhHhh.... NO LIGHT YEARS. nvm. go read book. bye
AaaAaarrRrGGgGgHhHHhHHhh..... NO LIGHT YEARS. go study instead. toodlez.
ah well, right now is like SO boring. no one at home now. watching Gurmit's Small Talk this new series show that a little bit resembles the Bill Cosby show 'Kids Say The Darnest Things' just that its not THAT funny. Bill Cosby shows are alwaes better. anyway. didnt have very nice stuff for dinner. just a fried egg, fried kangkong and this horribly horrible fish which still had the freshwater taste. it was seriously terrible. went to Swensens with Elina, Joel, Xx and JuMaMa(just call her that for some reason *_*) yeap. joel redeemed 4 small tub of ice creams. the Apple and Raisin flavour, which tasted juts like green apple mentos, was absolutely heavenly. so darn yummy. ordered a fries as well. good thing elina didnt have chilli sauce splattered in the middle of her tits this time.. Okok, I admit that was absolutely unnecessary. just went down just now to feed Boo Boo and Shadow milk. didnt really have any meaty stuff at home for it. todae's assembly talk really made me think. its like i alwaes wanted a cat lor. but my mom and dad thinks that cats drop their fur all around and that they also pee and poo everywhere. pls lor, its like all these can be trained. cats DO NOT drop their fur as much as dogs do. and cats need less maintainence. they know how to entertain themselves. plus, i can afford the time to play with them as well lor. and cats do not alwaes need someone to entertain them. also about the defecating issue, as u all know, cats AUTOMATICALLY go to sand when they need to defecate. they are one of the most hygeinic pets. hiyazz... my parentswill not listen one la. the most they let me keep is a hamster lor. oh yah, by the way, it has been SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN that u shud have a pet when u are young so that u are exposed to allergens that the pet has and it actually builds up this resistance in ur immunity system so that u will not get coughs or flus so easily in the future. serious. ah well. *sob* hehe. well currently my hamster is running on the wheel. just went to pat it a few seconds ago. ts looked up at me and i blew very lightly at it. hamsters luv to be blown at. they like the warmth and security. mom just came back. she bought some mangoes. gtg liao. dun miss me.. lol. ok cut the crap. BbBBYyYeEE!!!~~
Sunday, July 06, 2003
OKOK. i know i havent been blogging for like a week. but its like i really dun have time lor. first of all, i have to like go to my grandmamma's(LOL.) house after skool lor. and there is no com there. and i hate to do my work there. although her house is just 1 block away. so sian. who is the cause of this? WHO ELSE?...(but my f.cking father). anyway, just found a basket in my house which was previously used to contain fruits. placed a unwanted rug on it and i brought it down for Boo Boo and Shadow. they both had to fight for it. cuz it was just nice to fit one cat. meow meow. so adorable. nuzzled Shadow to sleep todae. spent 1 hour playing with the cats. after that, went to Church Of Our Saviour to witness my sister's baptism. the meaning of the immersement(i dun think there is such a word) in the water meant that u go into the water as a person with sins and mistakes but u rise from the water as a brand new person. and baptism is also an action of a lifetime commitment to God. well, my aunt asked me when was my turn. well its like i dun really like to go to church anymore lor.. hiyazzz... anyway. went to have chicken rice at the famous stall at the Queenstown 2 storey hawker centre(Xiaoxuan u shud know what i am toking abt). sian lor tomorrow cannot go out. mom said i had to stay at home. i want to go ice skating again.... =[ so boring now. the past few daes wasnt exactly good. i just cant my chinese teacher. narrow minded genetically unadvanced china bitches. alwaes like to bring her fucking china attitude to SGP. trust me, she IS terrible. read charlene's previous entries for updates. she just likes to pick on me lor. from pri skool NO TEACHER has ever hated me or picked on me lor. Ok maybe my p6 maths teacher(cuz i was HORRIBLE at maths until she almost gave up on me. but she didnt la... ask joel. he knows as well =]) well, Wilfred Lee's new nerd specs seriously sucks. totally doesnt suit him. makes him look so much older. and sitting right in the front row absolutely sucks. cannot use handfone liao. and teachers alwaes have this habit to like stare @_@ at you. for SOME reason. went Botanic Gardens todae in the morning with 'you know who' and saw Mediacorp filming at the Bukit Ho Swee area. probably another seaosn of Heartlanders. Saw them filming there before. by the way just in case u dunno where is bukit ho swee, its directly behind TBP. heartlanders is filmed there as well. lame show la. cant wait for tomorrow. YOUTH DAY!! but have to stay at HOME. so boring. anyway, gtg liao. mom rushing me off. bBbbyyYeEe!!

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