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Friday, September 05, 2003

the rap me elina, nadiah and xue er etc. did wasnt exactly of a rap... but we really said what we wanted to say and what we had to say. thankkssss alot to all the seniors who have guided all of us juniors so much. hiyazzz... really sad that u all are leaving soon. and we get to see each other only for about a month's time only. hope ALL of u come back to help next year!!!

Sometimes goodbye though it hurts in your heart is the only way for destiny
Sometimes goodbye though it hurts is the only way now for you and me
Though its the hardest thing to say
I'll miss your love in every way
So say goodbye
But don't you cry
Cause true love never dies

I will always remember this part of the lyrics. all the best in whatever you do.

And whatever you do, BE YOURSELF.
Goodbye... =[
Monday, September 01, 2003
you know, i just have no idea WHY do cowards even exist..??

the one who hacked xx's blog, hello? get a life. just GET A LIFE. if u are just so fucked up by someone, SAY IT IN THEIR FACE. dont need for all this blog hacking and leaving of annonymus tags. lets see if u are THAT smart to actually hack every one of xx's blogs. thats IF u are capable enuff. a big L for Loser...
Friday, August 29, 2003
drama fest was such a sucesssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!
listening to Avril Lavigne - Get Over It(nice)

too lazy to type it all out so i shall list it all out =)

-such a nice night on the 28th. mom and auntie came to watch.
-felt that yong liang shouldnt have won Best Actor. alot of ppl agreed. the judges should have known how he behaved on rehearsing days. should have been amrit..
-the MCs we very good.
-audience tried to peep over behind the set and was squeezing angela poh. heehee.
-school's kinda freaky at nite. but really nice. all lighted up.
-classmates came to support me. making coughing noises when i entered. =-james was being a little irritating. made 2 technical mistakes in the first run. i mean its like, we do a little bit of thing wrong and they scold us like mad. and they do thing wrong they didnt say sorry. fucking logic.

thats abt all. so fun yesterday night. 8 months of sweat.

be in denim day...

-skit was rather funny and lame. stupid chinese teacher was inside the skit.
-charmine liew shouldnt have won best dress lor. asal was much better. charmine's costume was rather ordinary.
-so hot and have to do the lame workout. stupid.
-went to watch Spy Kids 3-D. had the 3-D glasses on. ok only lor. spy kids 2 was much better. =)
-went home and played with Shades.

Sunday, August 24, 2003
currently feeling rather irritated. just don;t know why ppl have to do things to others which they dun want others to do to them. i mean its like, pls lor, cut being so pathetic la. in the first place u dun watch what u say and u are the one biting whoever's available and lie ur way through things. and yet now u want to grouse and complain. trust me, this is not going to get u anywhere in life. enuff abt that. saturdae's performance was still like shit and zhiyang said i was duckish. and what is that suppose to mean..?? im still working on being stern and more expression. im NOT in syf, dun forget. anyway, miss teo was pretty pissed on friday. it was like she asked us how were we doing and it was like Hannah looked really upset and miss teo could sense it lah. she asked hannah twice before she could say that yong liang wasnt co operating. well actually she saved yong liang's sorry ass by not mentioning his name. and miss teo was like " WHO is not co-operating!!?? " and yong liang had the guilty face on. i think miss teo knew it was him cuz she knew that the rest of us wont fool around. she just didnt want to embarrass him and since hannah didnt mention his anme and that she had no proof. fucking yong liang was talking behind my back to angela janice and amrit abt me. bad mouthing me abt something. it was so damn obvious and i suppose he purposely made it obvious. hello? he's not mr perfect or something lor. who is he to bad mouth ppl. spoilt means spoilt. NEVER LEARN. so bloody fucked up. sec 1 only, still want to kpkb. just doesnt know his limits. like to learn things the hard way. hiyazz...just hate these kinda stuck up bitches like him. just giving him face this time. and it WILL BE the last anyway. he had better watch out. that sucking JEEEERRRRRKKKKK who loves to bootlick miss teo. simply detest him so much. enuff abt him. listening to Get Over It by Avril Lavigne. really nice. should have included it into her debut album Let Go. went for chess class today. passed the final test. going to Developmental stage next week. YyyYyEEeEssssssSSsSSs. mom promised me some $$(not telling). rewarded myself with a SIGG metal waterbottle. know the one with nice imprinted pictures on the front? luv it so much. pretty exx. $33.90 but just this once only. hehe. quite high maintanece as well. =\ so excited!!!!! drama fest on thursdae!! really hope that everthing goes smoothly(who doesnt? DUH.) i know my group's play still not up to standard la. sian. -_-" will take some action about that. everything will be in the night and so many ppl around the skool. so exciting. kekekeke. really psyched. hehe.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003
here i am in skool now. typing my blog. its 2.36p.m. and im in the library. not many(?) things happened. oh yes. i managed to out run izzaH!!!! NOT the 'damsel in distress' Izzah from Sec 2G but the jack rabbit from 1B/C. lol. she is seriously damn fast. but short distance she still cant beat me. hmph!(bitch.) ok anyway, had mee siam from the malay stall for lunch just now. joked around with hong heng and others also. and xx is also beside me typing her darn blog. KIDDING xx if u are reading this. and the old hag Miss/Mdm Foong is doing her patrol. scanning the library with her hawk eyes. lol. 'DOING HER JOB'. kekeke. really hate her alot. just got back my composition marks. only got a miserable 19/30. not up to my usual standard. my fren from 2I told me that he failed the common test for science. really scared me lor. cuz other den english, he is like 10 times better den me at the other subjects. and he FAILED? goodness. i can jolly well bury my head in cow dung now *dig dig* funny. hiyazz... elina chose the pure lit class(4A)as first choice. sad. i chose 4B instead. at least there is a pure science lah. and i heard that bio is nicer and more interesting. im sure its better den boring and mindane old PHYSICS. electricity seriously just sucks. the lame resistance and voltage. oh yah. VOLTAGE. all kinds of damn names. Electro Motive Force, potential difference...?? absolutely crappy. right now glancing at that stupid charmaine liew. makes me think of fucking old yong liang. that damn sucker. just like charmaine liew. POSER. bitches of the same breed fuck together dun they? keke. i mean seriously lor. that yong liang. big time jerk. that charmaine only know how to ACT ACT ACT in front of teachers. bloody poser. ok dun want to pollute my blog any further with that bitch's name. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. whatever xiaoxuan typed just now all kena deleted. YEAH YEAH YEAH. kidding again. should be going now.


i mean tata. [=
Monday, August 18, 2003
ok, i shall list what has happened recently into a list....

- birthday just over. received a couple of presents(17 aug)

- pissed at fucking Hannah for pushing me down and causing the deep graze

- hate eldds practices more and more. had to substitute amrit on saturday. got the see the other plays how they were
progressing and ppl, u all should go see The Girl Who Saved The Universe. the part on nuraini crying was excellent. really comical. haahhahahah =)

- pissed at someone for being really fucked up. expecting ppl to tell him things when he himself dun like to tell other ppl stuff as if he know alot of secrets(elina u know who i am referring to). i mean its like i really hate him now lor. i just dun want to cause anymore disputes or anything. ppl just dunn their limits...

- have been racing short distance with keerthani. really fun. lol. that chicken backside hair. kekekekee.... finally caught her the 2nd time. really fast man she. have been running around alot in the canteen.

- fucking fuck-min(yasmin/nomin) has been really living up to her fucked up reputation for being a fucking big mouth. shall not elaborate on that. she is gonna get it from me. she another jerk. just luvs to push her flabs around. lol.

- waiting to know the secret xx and elina has been hiding from me.... on wednesdae, the truth will be revealed!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA(evil laugh) funny. -___________-"

- have been really putting in effort for tests. have been scoring well. except for the damn scinece one(havent get back yet). so fucked up. all the difficult stuff came out. history was ok. mr lam practically told us all the questions. quite a lenient marker as well. [=

- beep la. tomorrow got PE. just HATE pe. for some reason or another. arghhhhhh!!! #_#

- have been collecting those $1 Meiji chocolate bears. 365 designs. each with its own birthdae. all kinds of designs. have only 20 now. just luv them. so nice and cute. so homemade. lol. the little cloth hands. *_*

- just separated my hamsters. have been fighting alot. had a nice time playing with em'.

- Oh! Shades followed me all the way to my block todae. managed to carry it. not light worxx.. gave it a nuzzle. really cute.

okok... nothing much liao lor. the gess be in denim day thing quite lame la. as fiona says, what else other then t-shirts can u match with jeans and stuff(with all the restrictions. eg. no tank tops etc.) geddit? anyway. havent been handing in maths homework. hehez. dun care la. not even in CA. really busy month this month. oh ya the subject combos. sian la. fucking 2I ppl all put option 5. never give us all a chance to get into that class. geeks are meant to go to the triple science class one lor. idiot lah. stupid 2I idiots. put 4B instead. mr lee was talking abt the subject combos today. good thing never touch on the CME homework(workbook). didnt really complete. really want to get into a JC with a good Arts stream. never could imagine ME, going into a science stream. lol. must work really hard liao... must make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S to Elina --> dun worry, a place it ITE is alrdy reserved for u. KIDDING KIDDING. feeling mean now. okok i know, im worse den u so i have no right to say that. lets all buck up and get into the same class!! =)
Tuesday, August 12, 2003
i like so agree with charlene's blog entry content for today. its like so damn WHAT lor. its like u just want a few subjects from a certain combo here and a couple from another. irritating. and charlene's still AT LARGE. hehe. sian la. home ec test tomorrow and didnt bring the damn textbook home. fook fook fook. ok now zhiyang is trying to pry something from me for his b'day. sorry lah zhi. really forgot. have a nice little bandage on my right knee and all thanks to miss HANNAH who just HAD to push me on the pavement and trust me, it was DELIBRATE. argh. still so pi55ed with her. nevermind. i still have tomorrow. todae's science test was so damn difficult lor. especially the glass prism part. stupid light still have to go thru the damn coloured filter. sian. have to go soon. stupid sis has to use the com. and whithin 1 year, her laptop has spoilt like around 3 times!!?? kk have to go. tata. =)

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